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Gathering together... Prayer time today

Update 5/9: Gathering together - Prayer time today

Church family and friends-
I trust you and your families continue to persevere because of the overwhelming hope we have in Jesus. As we prepare to gather tomorrow, I encourage you to read the detailed email from May 1st to answer some questions for the services at 9 AM and 10:30 AM tomorrow. If you didn’t receive that email, we will be glad to forward it to you. 

We do not know how many will attend each service as some people have chosen to stay home for a little longer even though they want to gather.  I respect and understand whatever decision you make. Some people are more than ready to return to worship corporately and some people will decide to attend who may have never attended a service but God has used this season to draw them to Himself. Others may attend because the local church they serve hasn’t opened for gathering yet. Other churches returned to gathering a week ago. 

If you decide to wear a mask tomorrow, that is fine. If you decide to not wear a mask tomorrow, that is fine. We want you to have the freedom to follow what the Lord and your Biblically informed conscience leads you to do. We will wait to partake of the Lord’s Supper until another time. 

We will not have Sunday Belong Groups for a few weeks however, we are looking to resume some weekday groups beginning as early as this week. Connect with the church or your Belong Group leader for updated information on resuming discipleship opportunities. 

If you are able to help and serve in any way tomorrow for either or both services, please contact us as we still need some areas of service to be filled. Thank you to so many who have been serving faithfully during this season in their time, talents, and treasure. I am humbled to serve with so many faithful people. 

I will be in the office later today and if you would like to stop by the campus at 6 PM to pray in the auditorium, I will be glad to join with you in prayer. Whether you pray wherever you are located or in the auditorium at 6 PM, I implore you to give priority to prayer. Below are the 3 subjects to pray for (along with whatever the Holy Spirit lays on your soul):
1.Repentance (for you, me, and all believers as well as those who need to believe on Jesus)
2.Revival (The Holy Spirit to revive His people and bring salvation to those dead in their sins)
3.No Return to “normal” (Normal American version of Christianity wasn’t working to reach the 125k + people for Christ within a 5 mile radius of the church campus and 3 million + souls within the Tampa Bay Area and 7 billion + people in the world.) May the Lord lead us to take the Gospel to our neighbors and the nations in a greater way. 

May God show Himself in a powerful way. May we humbly submit everything to Him. Much love and longing to worship and serve with each of you tomorrow and in the days to come until Christ returns. 

Ephesians 3:20-
Pastor Carl